During my internship at Modulotech a French startup I worked on several projects. One of which was Payezen, an internal accounting document management solution for all aspects of the life of a company. 




UI design, Visual direction, research

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Scope & iteration

It was imperative that the structure remains simple and accessible to everyone, both employees and human resources to administer the site.  It was a large-scale project with a lot of iterations.

I spent time finding ideas, interviewing my co-workers about the solutions that could facilitate their task, planning and implement those ideas. 

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Profile cards

Workers had their own cards created once they log in with personal info such as the type of contract, days left within the company, birthday, mails, contact and so on. 

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Input field

Input filed were designed to allow administrator and workers to upload documents into our internal database. 

Final take away

Working within Modulotech has been an extremely rewarding experience. I had the chance to meet and be part of an extremely competent and funny team, especially trainees full of ideas and resources. In result, we've got contacted one of the largest accounting firms in Paris who wanted to push our solution to their own clients.